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+LMNTS is Joey and Raphael Tingen, with a combined age of 32. They were born in Scotland and France, their mother is Danish/Scottish, their father is Dutch, and they grew up in Scotland and France. They are true Europeans!

Because of their background, Joey and Raphael have a truly international outlook, and don’t believe in boundaries. They take elements from everywhere to create music that will excite you, move you, and make you dance and smile. They want to make a positive impact on the world, part of the reason for the + in their name!

Joey started making beats when he was 11, on an old, worn-out computer, using Mulab as his DAW. In the seven years following, he’s worked obsessively and passionately on his beat making and producing skills, inspired by musical heroes in mostly the pop and EDM worlds. He also received musical feedback from his father, who is a musician, as well as a music journalist.

When Raphael heard the music Joey was making, he did not want to be left behind, so he started making beats at age eight, also initially working on Mulab, and inspired by a wide a variety of musical influences. Both brothers are mostly self-taught, apart from some piano lessons, and musical input and guitar lessons from their father.Some of the brothers’ early individual efforts can still be found on YouTube.

In 2017, Joey and Raphael decided to join forces and start a musicduo, which they called The Elements. Soon afterwards they moved over to Presonus Studio One as their main DAW. In 2019, they stylized The Elements as +LMNTS.
+LMNTS regularly collaborate with singers, most often American singer Camille Ruz. Raphael has also started to sing, allowing yet another outlet for their creativity. The duo are extremely prolific, having written hundreds if not thousands of songs and instrumentals, in a wide variety of genres: pop, EDM, hip-hop, trap, rock, classical, and something they call prog pop. Only a handful of their efforts have so far seen the light of day, self-released on all music streaming platforms and YouTube.

+LMNTS were discovered in 2020 by Dan Gardiner of Evolved Artists and signed with the management company soon afterwards. +LMNTS are about uniting the many global musical elements of the planet to create truly moving, emotional, passionate, EPIC and life-changing music, that brings people together. The power of this awesome fraternal artist/producer/DJ duo is quite something to behold!




Daniel Martell-Gardiner
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